I would like to address some thoughts I have in regards to recent developments at Island Transit.
As a candidate for Island County Commissioner, District 3, I wanted to get first-hand knowledge of the operations of Island Transit. A viable public transportation system is a vital component of any sustainable economic growth in a community. As such I felt I needed to be better informed and educated on our public transportation system. In order to do so I attended one of Island Transit’s public Board meeting last spring.

The meeting began with Ms. Rose touting the great new operations facility, and décor. Mention was made of the plans for a ribbon cutting ceremony and associated activities. Ms. Rose then proceeded to explain difficulties in the new facility.

*There were problems with the concrete in the maintenance bays rendering them unusable due to bulging in the center and buckling. She was waiting on results from core samples taken to determine the cause and who would be liable.

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At a  recent Island County Washington Commissioners’ meeting  the Commissioners, wanting to invest in short-term solutions, directed staff to reach out to the Port of South Whidbey, the parks district and the fair association to find out what it would take to put out a request for property management proposals.”

I hope that whatever they come up this time will have better, more objective and factual results than those in Commissioner Price-Johnson’s waste of $71,000 of tax payer funds for a totally unacceptable Fairgrounds Strategic Plan; an Island County Fairgrounds Strategic Plan that was totally out of touch with reality and loaded with bogus market data, i.e.,

Price Johnson’s plan claimed that there is a 4 million primary market population with a secondary market population of 10.8 million. These numbers resulted from drawing a circle on a map with the center of the circle being Whidbey Island

Similarly the numbers stated for “visitor population” in 2012 were misleading and very likely exaggerated.

Her plan used “probalbe” penetration percentages times resulting in 11.7 million people to come up with a series of projections There was no support data for these “probable” percentages.

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I got the following Email, food for thought today and agree with every word. It’s an open letter to all concerned citizens, from Amy, Rick Hannold’s wife.
Rick is a Republican Candidate for Island County Commissioner District 3:

“I have learned a lot in the past few weeks. If you know me just a little, I bet you’ve never heard me talk about politics until this month.
Just like many of you, I’ve been busy raising a family, earning a living, serving community – and doing what I can to help pay the mortgage and see my family through the tasks of everyday life.
But, also like many of you, I was raised with the greatest generation. My grandparents and other elders had families, businesses, farms, jobs and lives too. Unlike many adults today, these elders did something more—they got involved in the process known as government.
Some of them ran for office, others sought to make a difference regarding an issue that faced not only themselves, but their neighbors. Victory was not always theirs. However, even in loss at the moment, they accomplished a worthy goal. Their children saw them stepping up and I am one now following in their footsteps.
Last week, we were at a debate, in Stanwood. I knew by watching each of the 18 audience members arrive that they were for Mr. Vaughn, our current Interim Commissioner for District 3. That’s right; there were only about 18 people there, plus the spouses of the candidates, the moderator, an Island County Treasurer Candidate, and the woman who organized the evening. We sat in this big theater, no cameras, no apparent media present.
Long story short, I wish you could have been there.

There was one woman there who reminded me of my grandmother. She stood and asked what we as citizens can do to turn the tide of big government taking over more of our money and daily lives. She spoke about how few get involved today and asked what can we here, the involved and active voters, do to change the dismal (and apathetic) perspective most Americans have towards politics today.

My husband’s response? “Vote. Teach your kids about government; introduce them into standing up and stepping in to be informed and active. As I have done, with them, that they might make a difference when the opportunities arrive in their lives.”
Rick’s response got a round of applause from the audience. Until then, there had been little response from the audience other than mutterings and head shakes. The Greatest Generation stood up and spoke. My husband and the room apparently agreed.
The other missed opportunity to see true colors of your candidates came when Interim Commissioner Vaughn, at every opportunity, touted himself as “The Commissioner” and also spoke of at least 5 other careers he’s had in his lifetime, all of which he was at the helm of “the ship”. It’s telling that a man that says he’s done so much has no facts or mention anywhere of what he’s truly done.

(My husband however, will show you his service records, commendations, and results he achieved while serving his country and community—just ask!)

Just when I thought I had seen it all from Mr. Vaughn, he really put on a spectacle of himself. That woman I spoke of, the one that asked a question and (respectfully) challenged him… He began arguing with her during their exchange! And then, when another woman asked him a question, he responded in a very bullying and loud tone to her.

He finished the evening with another acclamation that he was chosen to be the interim Commissioner because (he apparently thinks) that Commissioners Johnson and Price-Johnson did so as an endorsement.  This is not true.Just watch the video of the second set of interviews for Interim Commissioner or read your local papers for that date – even the biased, liberal media got that part right.

But, back to you — Have you voted yet?
If you’re a friend or family in Districts 1 or 2, you might be thinking that your vote comes in November. Wrong. That belief may leave you with a choice 2 candidates you don’t want in office. So, by taking no action now – by doing nothing to support or encourage Rick Hannold, you’ve already voted—for his opponents.
If you’re a friend or family in District 3, who has received a ballot — whether or not you’ve voted yet—what else have you done to encourage a candidate you want in office? Yea for you if you voted, but today, voting is not enough.
As my husband said the other day, “I have few enemies in Island County and if they don’t like me, they love my wife!” (Thanks, honey.)
I do believe it’s true though. Most of you have served, worked, lived, sweated, cried, cheered, led, with Rick or in some other way know my husband.
What would he do for you?
Who have you told about him, as a candidate and a neighbor?
While the other Republican candidates are out spending money to twist and stretch the truth to be elected – my husband is working a full time job, traveling the county to reach & connect with voters (and boring the heck out of his kids) – with time he could be spending on himself or his own family.
I am asking you to take 5 minutes, the 5 minutes I could use if I hadn’t already spent them working on the campaign – to do something. How can you help?
Like Rick’s Facebook Page (It’s kind of like a note of encouragement, no matter where you might live now- he’d love to know you’re in his corner.)
Share http://rickhannold.com/  or https://www.facebook.com/Rick4Commissioner  with your friends.
Call 2, 5, 10 or as many people you can think of (or message them if that’s easier) – to let them know a great candidate with integrity and a reputable record of service is running for election.
Join us as we walk our neighborhoods, to encourage people to become informed voters and take advantage of their privilege to vote. A privilege earned by the lives and deaths of many Americans for hundreds of years, that many in the world out there are still fighting for!
Donate to Rick’s campaign. Again, no matter where you live now, your money will spend here. And no matter the amount, it will take his campaign and concern for Island County to another voter who will have their voice heard. Really, he’s that available-and, listening.
Just do something. Show your children how devoting time and or money on something other than yourselves (something you believe in, on behalf of community) can make a difference.
Vote- wherever you are and however you believe about the candidates offered to you – vote. Take your friends and family with you (or in the case of mailed ballots, remind them they’ve received them.)
If someone like me, who for years had deaf ears to “politics” can now get motivated – you can too. Not all of our spouses need run for office in order to “care”. You just have to look up and outside your routine to see the future coming – it’s coming – and you, with your neighbors can shape it. Take your friends and children with you.
I have 548 Facebook “friends”. We can do this – we can resuscitate a legacy of getting involved, stepping up and making our voice heard. If we don’t, we are voting for our opponents. We cannot raise a generation that gives up and doesn’t care. Decisions being made are made by people elected. Those decisions impact all areas of our lives and futures.
So I ask you now: Who, with your time, choices and actions are you voting for?
What and who will you encourage in your community? What will our generation be known for, and what sort of world will our descendants inherit, just by what we did or didn’t do today?
Decide. The time to act is now. Island County and elsewhere, support those who you believe in while you still have the opportunity to possibly have them sitting in a place of decision over the things you cherish. Win or lose, it’s not just about the election. It’s about all that comes after that.
Thank you, Amy “
My thanks to you AMY for sharing with us about your family history and for the wonderful results from the family examples your ancestors were for your generation. We need more who are willing to work for things rather than feel they are entitled to have what others have

Many agree with Don C. Brunell, a business analyst, writer and columnist who prepared an excellent analysis of Costs of going Green that  was   qouted  in a local newspaper.  He ended his analysis with this gem of wisdom,  “Are we sure the benefits are worth the added cost? Could the money be better spent on more effective environmental measures? We need to ask — and answer — those questions…. We need to make sure our “green” buildings program works as promised.”

To see a local example of  this I suggest you take a tour of Island Transit’s $24,000,000.00 new GREEN facility and judge for yourself if “Green Buildings” are really cost effective or even justified
The new Island Transit’s “Green Building” ended up with a non-functioning and inefficient HVAC system resulting in a $60,000 Electric bill in April.

This was but one of the reasons Transit said they needed another $500,000 line of credit at the bank to pay their monthly bills. Transit’s Board voted to allow a line of credit in order to continue operating with a contingency for another $250,000

Also Transit Director Martha Rose’s office was positioned in a specific way so it would not need AC, however, after construction they realized the sun comes through the windows and the office is uncomfortably hot.
DUH?? : This was in early spring so it was still pretty cool out. Wonder how it feels now, or are they paying extra to cool it?

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The  following  is regarding a July 18th  forum  featuring  three candidates for  Island Treasurer candidates

“I ran into some people Thursday who were interested in attending, but apparently when they called  the Club was fully booked. It’s nice to be so popular, congratulations.

I wanted to update  your  members on a few things discussed at forum, you may want to forward this (or parts of it) along.

I believe Island County residents concerned about government and the effectiveness of their elected officials should be aware of how business is conducted in Coupeville:

1. When I was relating the problems with the property software vendor’s program, specifically the gentleman with Penn Cove Water & Sewer District for which the county annually bills a payment towards capital improvement projects, I indicated that this gentleman came to the Treasurer’s Office originally almost 2 years ago with a complaint because the program was not producing a statement indicating current account status for each member. When the Treasurer’s office originally decided to utilize that module of the program, it was anticipated to create an efficiency for the staff and standardization for the Utility Levy Improvement District related to billing. Unfortunately, the reporting capabilities of the program did not provide anything useful for the district. I placed a Help Ticket 2 years ago detailing this problem and requesting expedited assistance, reminding the Treasurer multiple times that if she could speak with them and move up the priority, the ULID could have useful information for the district’s commissioners. The Treasurer recounted among her accomplishments that she was the leader of the software’s focus group, establishing priorities for repair and improvement issues, so she was in a position to get this deficiency fixed. So why didn’t she do so? Ms. Nunez stated yesterday in a response to my statement that the issue had been resolved, and Mr. Thiem now has his reporting as requested, to his satisfaction.

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The Primary Election ballots were mailed July 18th and Primary Election time is finally here and the so  are the dirty tricksters hard at work spinning  great stories of how  great their candidates are

Face facts, in almost every election cycle there is always a great deal of misinformation put out about candidates either by the media or by opponents.

PLEASE get the real truth based on facts before you vote; personally check the sources you are relying on to form your opinion

For  example in the local election for Commissioner, District 3, North Whidbey and Camano Island, what has been published or heard to date has  not been the entire truth.
A prime example of this is the Ro-Bo call many have received from Anthony Wallace, Marc Hennemann’s campaign manager, who. states Candidate Rick Hannold supports tax increases, and even backs up his claim by playing a recording of an answer Hannold gave to a question at the BICC interviews.

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Pat Powell, executive director of the land trust recently stated in local newspapers: “…grants planned to pay for the project are not guaranteed.

The organization (Whidbey Camano Land Trust) is funding the purchases with upfront money, and paying for everything else — about $600,000 — with LOANS.

It’s a financial risk for the organization, but she said she believes the end result will be worth it..The land trust will own and maintain the property, leaving the county free of obligation. The partnership is a model for other cash-strapped governments around Puget Sound,

Did county make that loan to  or in any way have financial responsibilities as done with the Trillium deal, i.e., “Public works application for grant assistance to aid in financing Trillium Community Forest land acquisition… funds available, loans to be repaid after acquisition, etc, etc?

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“The question: ” If you remove 9,000 Navy people from the local economy what are you going to have left? ”

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Intelligent debate with I-594 advocates like Molly “the mouth” MacLeod Roberts is impossible when she blathers, “There is no universal background check. Only FFLs are required to run a background check. You can sell your gun privately to someone on Craigs List without a background check.” Then in the next breath proclaims, “How many of the mass shooters were criminals PRIOR to their murderous rampage? NONE. Every year, thousands of women are shot by their domestic partner who owns their gun legally and was not a criminal until they shot their partner.”

HOW does Molly catch future criminals, who pass a background and/or own their guns legally, prior to their “murderous rampage?”

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When Washington State Department of Ecology’s Bob Penhale wrote, “I will offer that we must find joy in the hunt, and that the crafty old bucks are the most satisfying to harvest,” he was referring to property owners, not game.

Penhale’s email was sent to Colin Maycock, a San Juan County planner, who immediately objected to the reference when he replied, “I would like to stress that San Juan County staff are not and have never been interested in ‘hunting’ the citizens and rather resent the implication that we ‘target’ individuals for code enforcement actions.”

This email exchange highlights two persistent problems with our state government—the overabundance of laws and bureaucrats who misuse them.

Read the rest of this story at The Freedom Foundation:

July 7, 2014
By Scott Roberts
Citizen Action Network Director
The Freedom Foundation


If anyone has been following the news from our Southern border about the influx of illegal alien children where we have seen 400 children a day entering our country and 160,000 illegal aliens apprehended since the start of the year you may want to question where these illegal aliens are to be held. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been sourcing locations to house this horde of illegal aliens and guess where they are looking? The State of Washington.

“The question looming is whether or not Joint Base Lewis-McChord will be put into service housing unaccompanied minors who have illegally entered the U.S. at its southwest border.”


Is Whidbey Island Naval Air Station soon to be on the list to house these illegal aliens also?

Following  is a  June 27, 2014, News release from Rep. Dave Hayes, R-Camano Island, 10th Legislative District and member of the House Transportation Committee states the following:

“Island Transit must follow through on its commitment to secure permanent funding for Everett Connector route, By Rep. Dave Hayes

Recently after church, a constituent came up to me and asked, “Why did you cut funding for the Island Transit Everett Connector route?” It’s a question my 10th District seatmates and I have been getting a lot lately, after Island Transit decided to end its Everett Connector Route 412 commuter bus trips between Camano Island and Everett, beginning June 27, “due to funding losses.” However, accusations that local legislators cut the funding are not true.

I explained to the gentleman that I proposed an amendment last year in the Legislature that would have provided an extra $858,000 of state support for the Everett Connector. This is in addition to millions in state temporary “start-up” grants received by these agencies for years. But because Island Transit and Skagit Transit were in line to receive yet another grant of nearly a million dollars to operate the two Everett Connector routes for the current two-year budget cycle, while other transit agencies across the state received less or nothing, the amendment was rejected.

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Dear Mr. President,

We are excited to see that your open door policy at the border between Mexico and the United States is a great success however; we are appalled by the callousness and hostility exhibited in Murrieta, California. These NIMBY protesters are racist, fascist, and un-American.

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County’s funding of needed repairs has been unacceptetable for 20+ years, epecially with their current funding
Diane Divelbess, president of the fair association, said, “We were glad to get what we got, but it is an illustration that it’s an uphill battle...the funding headaches that have plagued the fair grounds .are so severe the non-profit association threatened to back out of its existing lease with the county to maintain the property and its 27 buildings unless the county agrees to provide the group with more money”.

The Commissioners failed to maintain the Fairgrounds property, but Commissioners Jill Johnson and Price-Johnson had no trouble approving spending $71,000.00 of tax payer dollars that Price-Johnson wasted on her fact less Strategic Fair Plan Earlier this year, fair visionaries unveiled the Island County Fairgrounds Master Plan, a proposal to turn the facility into an island event center over a 10-year period and to the tune of more than $10 million. The plan called for the demolition of about half of the ground’s existing structures.

Those citizen dollars would have been better spent on correcting the long over due neglect problems of the citizen owned Fairgrounds propertyThey have proven with their neglect they don’t care if it rots. They were too busy spending tax payer dollars on “Feel Good” social justified re election vote producing special interest causes.

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Washington State voters will soon see I-1338 on their ballots this year.


This initiative is a cloned version of I-522 which voters wisely rejected in the last voting cycle.

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