Two kitchens about  25-30 feet  apart;  3 refrigerators  with  little if any food  in them

Must  be  nice to  be rich  and spend tax payers like  a Zillionaire $$$$$$ & no one cares

A State Audit report indicates incompetent, unqualified political type officials appointed to be Island Transit Board members did nothing to control spending.   

Board members are NOT elected by County citizens. They seem to be unaware that their primary duty is to thoughtfully and carefully spend the people’s tax money.

The majority of Transit Board members especially the ones from Langley, Coupeville and the two Island County Commissioners need to be replaced.

Reports by the Washington State Auditor’s Office puts blame for financial problems at Island Transit squarely at the feet of its five-member board of directors largely attributable to lack to oversight, and poor monitoring of finances by the board.

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The current Island County Treasurer has not fulfilled her financial responsibilities to you:

State Audit:  Island County’s audit-ready 2014 financial statements were 44 days late because the current treasurer continued to make changes on 2013′s financial records as late as May 2014 – changes that should have been completed in January.  Ultimately this caused a “finding” to Island County on 2013′s audit.

State Audit:  Schedule 11, the duty of the county treasurer – this report was completed in 2013 by me as Chief Deputy (as stated by Nunez in a July forum).  Nunez did not provide timely corrections to her 2013 entries (see above), and upon firing me in May, the 2014 report became her responsibility.  As of October 2014, she had still not completed it.  Could it be that her “19 years of government accounting” has not provided her with the necessary expertise to finish this schedule, or is it just easier to blame a former employee?

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Dear Mr Editor…

“Dear Mr. Editor, I cannot believe you [Whidbey Examiner] would endorse the Democratic Candidate for Island County Commissioner over Mr Hannold, solely over his comments over Global Warming! He always addresses the REAL issues facing Island Co. much better and more thorough than Ms. Jacks could do in any of the Forums. I challenged the LWV’s in Freeland because there was every indication that Ms. Jacks was provided the questions prior to the Forum. She could not answer the questions promptly without searching through her notes for. “coached” responses. I even questioned you at that Forum about that possibility. I do not think Ms. Jacks and her history as head of Camano Sr. Center is criteria to be Co. Commissioner. Wish this could get in paper before Nov. 4th.”

Joyce Humphreys Amatuzzo

In an issue 4 plus years in the making. An issue starting as a campaign attack that was dreamed up in smoky back rooms by Helen Price Johnson, Angie Homola and John Dean in order to have an issue against a conservative running for the Board of Island County Commissioners is finally coming to an end. Island County finally issued Ken and Kelly Emerson’s building permit for their property on Camano Island. Why? Because there are no wetlands on the Emerson’s property.

We have written extensively about this issue on Island Politics and have stated all along that all the evidence has shown that there is not and never was wetlands on the Emerson’ property. It is sad that county employees and local politicians have allowed such a toll to be taken on those involved and it is good to finally see a resolution coming to an issue that has permanently damaged a politician’s career, life and pocketbook although it is 4 years too late.

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On October 10 we posted an Island Politics report regarding Island County Senior Services financial condition stating:  

“ In  making  the  decision  of  who to  vote “FOR” as Island County  Auditor,  County tax payers and  especially   Senior   citizens  should  consider  the dire financial situation of the Senior Services of Island County caused by  contract  employee  and  now County Auditor candidate  Rebecca Wagner. Island County Senior Services are in a similar situation to Island Transit; down to no reserves and missed a payroll earlier this year.  Now  some Senior Services  employees  providing  needed services  to  Seniors  are being  considered  for  termination  because  of the financial  conditions”.

 An updated disclosure indicates  Island County Senior  Services  financial condition is much worse  than was originally  reported, i.e.,

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Ghost towns of Whidbey Island





Helen Price Johnson? Save the day?

The  Saturday October 25 WNT included the following “Sound Off” submitted by County Commissioner, also Island Transit Board member Helen  $Price$-Johnson:
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Below is a link to the separation agreement between Martha Rose and the Island Transit  Board of Directors.

Martha Rose separation agreement

After reviewing both the separation agreement with Martha Rose and the recently released Audit report it is certain that something is drastically amiss with the Directors of Island Transit.

We have Martha Rose receiving as part of her separation agreement $88,190.40 one week before the State Auditor’s report came out with a finding that included the following:
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This article is from Penny Hill:

Wednesday night two more Wanda Grone campaign signs were vandalized. 

This was right after Sound papers endorsed Grone for Treasurer.  This criminal behavior will not stop the voters of Island County from voting for Grone.  But rather it shines a light on the mindset of those who will do anything to get their way.

Island County needs a Treasurer who will husband our tax monies in a sound, prudent, professional manner.  If the incumbent and her followers think these Bronx-like campaign tactics will turn voters away from Grone, they are sadly mistaken.  In fact it will do just the opposite.

 Penny Hill

Below are the documents from the October 24, 2014 Island Transit audit exit conference with the Washington State Auditor.

Island County Exit Conference October 21, 2014 4 pages 2.39mb .pdf

Accountability Audit Report- Island County Public Transportation Benefit Area 12 pages 7.17mb .pdf

Financial Statements and Federal Single Audit Report- Island County Public Transportation Benefit Area 27 pages 18.6mb .pdf

In last Tuesday’s Whidbey News Times the “editorial board” (Keven Graves) came out with their recommendations for the upcoming election. In the article the paper endorses Karla Jacks over Rick Hannold and uses outright lies as the justification for making that selection.

In the article it states:

“We are concerned by Hannold’s affiliation with the so-called “Mean Girls” website, a source of vicious railing against political and public figures who don’t agree with their viewpoints. We don’t want to see a return to the sort of battles that bogged down the commissioners during Kelly Emerson’s tenure on the board.”

The basis of those words is an absolute lie and the concern expressed in the article is based upon that lie.

I want to be perfectly clear, Rick Hannold is not affiliated with Island Politics as Mr. Graves’s claims.

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At the October 21 2014 meeting of the Oak Harbor City Council the Oak Harbor representative to the Board of Directors of Island Transit Jim Campbell resigned from his position as Board member.

The Oak Harbor City Council appointed Mayor Scott Dudley to the Island Transit Board of Directors.

The City Council also appointed Joel Servatius as alternate board member to the Island Transit Board.

Oak Harbor and it’s City Council is leading by example in this replacement. Many people have called for resignation of the board members of Island Transit because of the past lax oversight by the board. Mr. Campbell did the right thing by stepping down and allowing the Oak Harbor City Council to appoint Mayor Dudley as the replacement on the board from Oak Harbor.

Hat’s off to Jim Campbell, the Oak Harbor City Council and Mayor Dudley for this action that is obviously designed to rebuild public confidence in Island Transit and it’s leadership.

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